About Me as a Builder

I enjoy doing hands-on work, and I am always looking for ways to learn or improve. I pay close attention to details, and I am committed to creating a high-quality project. I accept mistakes when I make them, and stand for the cost of making it right. I would love to get in contact and talk about your project idea.

Call, text, or email me for an estimate, sketches, or to talk about your project.

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+1 (707) 342-8648

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Omar holding 2x4 in front of fence railing

Construction Skills

  • Fencing
  • Paver Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Backyard Lighting
  • Design
Image of Omar using a level on a fence railing

My Projects

Backyard Fence 100ft - Danville California

Designed and built in 2020. Steel fence post anchors (brackets) set into concrete. This removes a large amount of the work for future fence repairs, as new concrete does not need to be poured when fence wears out. New fence posts are simply screwed into existing fence post anchors. Majority of fence boards (pickets) reused at homeowner's request for materials savings.
Danville fence angle 1 Danville fence angle 2 Danville fence angle 3

Retaining Wall - Pleasant Hill, California

Designed and built in 2016. Cinder blocks were used as the main building material, with the brickwork adding an aesthetic touch.
Retaining wall with brick pattern Close-up of retaining wall with brick pattern Picture of length of retaining wall with brick pattern

Backyard Lighting - Danville, California

Designed and executed in 2020. Light placement chosen to distribute electrical load evenly. Lights wired together in such a way as to eliminate need for electrical hubs to split wires in main backyard lounging areas.
Lights view from level ground Lights on lemon bush Lights view from 2nd floor

Paver Patio - Pleasant Hill, California

Designed and built in 2017. Pattern design chosen to create a complex look that maintains order.
Paver patio angle 1 Paver close-up Paver patio angle 2