Alchemist Farm Custom JavaScript/PHP Calendar Widget Project ?

Project Showcase: Calendar widget used to track weekly product inventory for WooCommerce store, built with JavaScript/PHP.

This page showcases a custom calendar widget which a client required for their WooCommerce store. This client ran a farm and sold baby chicks as livestock ?. Their inventory of chicks changed from week-to-week, and they needed to track this weekly inventory (a feature not native to WooCommerce).

? View example product page.

Alchemist Farm product page

Project built using:

  • JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX
  • PHP code to connect product data with calendar
  • Advanced Custom Fields plugin to store weekly inventory data for each product

Key features of project:

  • Allows admin to set an inventory of products on a week-to-week basis
  • Allows generation of data for future weeks of a chosen inventory number for up to one year
  • Ability for user to see the dates where the quantity is available on the calendar
Legend for color of calendar dates, and pickup time options
Available dates for chicks in JavaScript product calendar

Compare the two calendars below. The first one (left) shows the available dates for the month of May in green. The second (right) also shows available dates, and the dates where the chicks are in low quantity (5 chicks or less) are shown in yellow.

Available dates for chick pickup in May 2023
Available dates for pickup shown in green. Yellow dates are also available, but with a low remaining quantity of 5 or less.