The Benefit of Having Clear Goals and Writing Them Down

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I’ve been listening to Arnold Schwarzeneggers autobiography. It is extremely inspiring. This is my 3rd pass through the book currently. I’ve already listened to it twice in 2 weeks. It’s a 20-hour book, but I listen on double speed. A trick I learned from a wise man.

Arnold was very passionate about his goals, and he always had them clear in his mind. Thinking more about this, I realize it’s extremely important to have goals that you can envision with crystal clarity. When you can envision yourself doing something in your mind, you are driven to get to that point. That’s how it was with web development with me. To have something that I wanted so much that it was worth the struggle, that’s when life is most exciting, I think.

I’ve been thinking more and more about eastern philosophy, and I always get idea that they promote non-action and stuff like that, being happy with where you are at now. I think that’s true in a sense, but I think it’s extremely important to have goals in life, and to be working towards them. It makes everything exciting, and when you make progress towards your goals, you are also building your self-esteem, happiness, and strength for yourself.

I adopted Arnold’s method of writing goals down on index cards. I am putting them in my wallet and will be reviewing them every day. This will help to keep the goals crystallized in my mind.

Arnold always had multiple goals going on at once. I feel that this is good. There are many pillars to life, like Tai Lopez said, there are 4 main ones. I think these are great to be focusing some kind of goal in each. Health, wealth, relationships, happiness.

I love the idea of goal cards, and it made me want to write this post, because once I started reading the goals, I could see them crystallizing in my mind in a fresh new way. I have heard Joe Rogan say this many times, that one should write their goals down and then work to achieve them. It’s always good to have some kind of list of things that you’re doing, and to keep being able to cross things off.

A couple years ago, being a digital nomad was just a dream. Now I’m living it. Living in Sweden was a dream, now I’m living it. Before, making money from web dev was just a dream, now it’s reality. Traveling around the country was a dream before and now it’s real. Coming to New York and DJing was a dream, and I was able to DJ at 2 parties at my hostel within 5 days of being here.

Everything I’ve ever envisioned, I’ve been able to make it into a dream. I feel that this is another excellent reason to have goals that are worthwhile to you, and to go tunnel vision and pursue them to completion no matter what. You keep building upon successes, and you become unstoppable. ?

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