Real Estate Plan for June 2023

Bar sign New Orleans

Looking at prices of homes in Nola. Currently working on my budget to save up cash. I’ve written out a budget of how much I can save up every week. I’ve gotten it up to $550 a week. I want to see if I can pare it down even less. I know that in Stockholm I was living on like $1200 a month, including a $800 rent. That means I was spending $400 a month on utilities and food. I should be able to spend like $300 a month on food expenses, shouldn’t I? Even without going to Costco. 

This last week has been good with food spending. I’ve averaged less than $20 a day. I think I should be able to add in more chicken and protein. If I’m spending $20 a day, that does come out to about $320 a month. 

Homes in Nola that look nice are selling for. $250k – $400k. These are duplexes, and I plan to have $30k saved up by June 2023. I need to figure out if this is going to be enough for a down payment + closing costs. 

Maybe even if it’s cash flow negative in the beginning it would be good? Tyler’s das said that this could be okay in the beginning of a real estate career. 


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