Working can be stressful: View it as one brick in your castle

Castle out on a foggy hill

Working can cause alot of struggle and pain. I’ve been working on some projects and the past couple of weeks have been frustrating and boring. It can be difficult to push yourself though when things are boring, but it makes sense. Each time you push through, you’re practicing for the big show. It’s another brick in your castle. Every time I’m doing programming and solving problems, it’s helping me to build my work ethic, skills, and knowledge.

Wherever we are is our starting point. From here we can get to where we want to go.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has a quote from someone that goes “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” We have the opportunity to improve every day. And we always have to start from the point where we are now. If we aren’t happy where we are now, we have the power to make changes that can get us to a better place. Even if these changes are going to take years and years – and they often do. To make changes that are worth making, we often have to spend many years making slow improvements.

One of the beauties of making slow improvements every day, is that the time goes by relatively fast. So we can get what we want pretty fast. When we first start out it feels slow, but day by day, if we make progress – even if it’s small – we end up getting where we want to go. I’ve been listening to Gary Vee’s audiobook, Crush It, and he talks about how we can move towards monetizing our passion by using social media. There are ways for us to get where we want to go.

A career can be a tool to get you a life you want

When I decided to start doing web development, it wasn’t because I thought it was something that was going to feel like my life’s passion. I just thought that it was going to be a way to have a great career, be able to learn every day, get paid well, have the freedom to travel, and be able to work on other things I want to work on on the side. However, I do think that the field offers so many possibilities, that I could make something meaningful out of it. I could grow my business, write apps, or make incredible software that could help many people. In a way it feels like a career is just a tool, that can help you get somewhere else you want to go. It’s like a tool to start a business, and having a business that you create can be something that feels very meaningful.

I still don’t feel that I have found something really meaningful or passionate in life, but I am moving towards it. Web development is a step in the right direction, and it certainly gives me tons of freedom to explore other things. All in all, no matter what it is you’re doing, it’s a good idea to treat it seriously, and if nothing else, view this as the current level that you need to pass in the video game to get to the next place.

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