Conversation with NameCheap to Activate SSL Certificate on cPanel

Your Question: Hello! I am trying to activate an SSL certificate for a friend. I thought I had done it a while ago, but after several days the site is still insecure. Could you please assist?

Namecheap support pin: xxxx
My name: Omar Shishani
Owner of site: Brittany NealPlease wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.You are now chatting with Roman Bubelo (SSL CS) – SSL Support

15:21Roman Bubelo:Hello Brittany. Thank you for contacting our Live Chat Support.

15:21Roman Bubelo:Thank you for the Support PIN, I would also need your Namecheap username.

15:21Brittany Neal:Sure, bneal22. And this is Omar, on behalf of Brittany.15:23Roman Bubelo:I am sorry Omar, thank you for letting me know. Please allow me 5-10 minutes to check the details.

15:24Brittany Neal:Sure thanks alot!15:24Roman Bubelo:Please let me also know the domain name in question.

15:24Brittany Neal:Yes, the domain is http://brittanyjewellneal.com15:25Roman Bubelo:Thank you for the domain.

15:27Roman Bubelo:I can see that the certificate is installed correctly and successfully. It can be checked via the link: Bubelo:The domain has been just recently pointed tot the hosting, so the propagation period is taking place.

15:27Roman Bubelo:Hence, I would recommend that you give it up to 24 hours and check again.

15:27Brittany Neal:It wasn’t recently, it was at least a month ago.

15:28Brittany Neal:Do you think something was done after I activated the certificate?

15:28Brittany Neal:Last time I worked on it I think was 8 weeks ago. I waited several days and checked back but the site was still marked as insecure.

15:29Roman Bubelo:Let me double-check this.15:30Roman Bubelo:I am very sorry, it was my mistake. I can see the issue. I can see that the certificate was issued, however, not installed yet. In order to secure the connection, it is necessary to install the certificate.

15:30Roman Bubelo:The certificate has been issued and sent to the administrative email address:

Also, you can download your certificate from your account. Here is a guide on how to download an SSL certificate from your account:

15:30Roman Bubelo:In order to install the certificate, it is necessary to copy the whole code from the .crt file (Security Certificate) > go to your cPanel > SSL/TLS > Manage SSL Sites > paste the code to the “Certificate” box > click the “Autofill by Certificate” button > click the “Install” button.

15:30Roman Bubelo:If you want, I can also do the process on your behalf.

15:34Brittany Neal:The one that has been sent to the admin@ email seems to have expired. I would appreciate if you would do this on my behalf. Also, is there not a way to automate this process? I don’t think I’ve had to do this for any of my other sites installed with Namecheap.

15:35Roman Bubelo:It is possible to install Domain Validation single-domain certificates on your shared hosting using our Namecheap SSL plugin which will do everything automatically. You can check it here for future reference:

15:35Roman Bubelo:Please allow me 5 minutes to install your certificate.

15:40Roman Bubelo:I am glad to let you know that I have installed the certificate for you as requested. The installation can be checked here:

15:40Roman Bubelo:I can also see that the HTTPS redirect has been already enabled and your website can be accessed securely. Everything seems to work well.

15:40Brittany Neal:Wow that’s fantastic thank you so much.

15:41Brittany Neal:I checked out the Namecheap SSL plugin you sent. Maybe next time I can easily enable using this.

15:41Roman Bubelo:It was a pleasure for me to assist you. Please leave your feedback about your experience with our support team via the link:
Also, you can send us your feedback to

15:41Roman Bubelo:I wish you success with the process.

15:42Brittany Neal:Sure thing Roman I will leave you a good review, thanks for your help!

15:42Brittany Neal:Namecheap support is always great <3

15:42Brittany Neal:Thanks for doing that for me

15:42Brittany Neal:I appreciate you

15:42Roman Bubelo:Thank you for your kind words, we try our best.

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